This month’s Book-Of-The-Month is going to motivate you to seek success on your daily activities.

Many people still wonder how can others achieve so much while they can’t or why are they in the same place everyday? How can my co-worker get promoted, and I am still here? How can my classmate have such wonderful grades ? If I study also.

It is a vast list of questions that we frequently ask our selves, but aren’t you tired of always seeking for excuses and just seeing others achieve while you are still there? If your answer is yes, fortunately you are exactly in the right place and this book will be great for you.

“How many success stories do you need to hear before you start writing your own?”

The first key thing about all the successful people relies on their mindset. You must be adamantly sure about what you want to achieve and set a period of time to be achieve it. I took my own notes from the book that I believe will be very useful to get you thinking like an “ACHIEVER”

1. Changing beliefs
Your reality is forever being molded and created from your thoughts and beliefs. Change your thoughts and beliefs and you will change your future. Redefine what are limiting and holding you back, create powerful new beliefs that will take you wherever you wish to go. Check-out our post on 17 Beliefs Of Rich People By T. Harv Eker to learn how.

2. Desire
Thomas Edison experienced more than 10.000 failures before he perfected the light-bulb and he says that he doesn’t consider it as being failures but merely 10.000 ways that didn’t work. A strong desire to achieve will not allow your mind to recognize such thing as failure.

“All disappointments problems and setbacks are but temporary obstacles on the way to success.”

Below I will describe 4 steps that will help you to develop and keep that desire:

STEP 1. Write down a clearer and concise statement of what it is that thing you wish to obtain. (“ Put it on your daily alarm, if you do not have one create one “)

STEP 2. Outline what you intend to do or give, to achieve this objective. Which skills, knowledge and actions will you adopt? “There is no such thing as something for nothing.”

STEP 3. Promise yourself to let nothing stop you from obtaining your objectives.

STEP 4. Read this statement at least twice every day, let it remind you why you started and why you should not give up “There is beauty in your dreams seek, for its achievement”

3. Enthusiasm
The word enthusiasm stems from the greek word “En-thous” meaning “Inspired” and that’s exactly what happens when you are enthusiastic – you become inspired.

Everything changes, your whole being becomes charged with some inexplicable energy and you automatically become more confident and determined. Your eyes sparkle, your words become powerful, minor day-to-day difficulties and annoyances are swept aside effortlessly.

“Enthusiasm is infectious and almost always magical in its ability to influence those around you.”

4. Find your passion
Everyone has his or her own specific vocation or mission in life. It can not be replaced by something else, nor someone else can do it for you. Everyone’s task is to discover his or hers uniqueness and find an opportunity to implement it.

Have you ever realized that every successful person had achieved their success in areas they enjoyed working in, they found their passion devoted themselves to it and had prospered. Every single one of them  was doing what they loved doing.

“Do what you love and the money will follow.”

Life is full of choices and one of the most important choices that you can make today is to Learn To Follow Your Heart and your instinct. You are half-way there, now it’s time to grab this book from Amazon;

MONEY Success & You
– John Kehoe


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