You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. – Will Rogers

This famous saying doesn’t only apply to interpersonal interactions, but for businesses as well.

In the message the colors of a brand, the slogan and the logo communicate. Basically throughout the visual identity and all the company’s communication content, that’s why a good branding is primordial to a company – and that is the main industry of our AchieverOfTheWeek.

Evans Akanno is a 30 year old Nigerian young entrepreneur. Over the past 10 years, Evans has worked especially with startups and large companies to build their brands, by developing web platforms and mobile applications that meet their customers’ needs and help them achieve their goals.


Today, Evans Akanno is known as one of the most promising young Nigerian entrepreneurs in Graphic Design and Development.

He has won several awards, with the main highlight being the selection among the 30 most promising young Africans under 30 years by Forbes Africa.


As a student, our Achiever has always had an exemplary trajectory, having logic, calculus and science as his areas of greatest interest.

In 2005, when Evans graduated from Innocent Comprehensive High School in Surulere, Nigeria, Evans stood out as the best student in the class.

Subsequently, Evans Akanno joined Imo State University, also in Nigeria, where he graduated in Industrial Chemistry. Okay, by now you must be surely wondering; how can someone with a degree in chemistry become a reference in graphic design? This is the power of the internet, and of course, a lot of determination, focus and willpower.

That’s right, the internet. Everything that Evans learned about graphic design was online, and later on trough the jobs that he got as a freelancing graphic designer.

Evans Akanno’s professional career began with an internship at the Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NipeX) in 2008. In 2010, Evans decides to start providing services as a freelancing designer and two years later become’s Jumia‘s Social Media Strategist in Nigeria – one of the largest e-commerce platforms on the African continent.

In 2013, Evans becomes konga.com’s Creative Strategist, where he designed various digital campaigns. A year later, Evans develops and launches his own digital product, Zegist.com – a community that empowers creatives.

The feedback from the platform was superb, which led him to seriously consider starting a career as a Graphic Designer or Web Developer. It was then that on April 20, 2015, Evans founded Cregital, with some savings accumulated while working as a freelancer.

In 3 years, Cregital has become one of Nigeria’s most promising Graphic Design and Development startups, with clients such as Google, Multichoice, Zenith Bank and other major companies in its portfolio.

In 2018, Evans co-founded Farmkart, an Agritech platform where people can invest in livestock to increase local food production, support farmers and earn returns. In the same year, Evans launched ARK.

Reading and listening to books are Evans’ main leisure activities. As well as spending a lot of time watching movies and surrounded by family and friends.

As prime ingredients for any youngster wishing to succeed, Evans stresses the importance of never underestimating other people and yourself. Additionally, the achiever believes in the power of dedication and above all, finding fun in whatever we do.

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