What does success mean to you?

Does being successful really means having tones of money? What is true success to you?

This question carries the answer for which a lot of very successful people suffer from depression and a lot of people with what we consider ‘nothing’ appear to have a happier life. It all lies on their own perspectives of what success is.

Success is more than accumulating a huge fortune and having a luxury lifestyle. It is about finding stability in all aspects of our lives and with this I mean; spiritual, mental, emotional, financial and physical health.

This should be your lifetime goal, and one of the main items needed to achieve this stability is related to the way we face our problems and deal with failure.
Who doesn’t love the feeling of accomplishing something? Imagine when you create a definition of success and you work towards that, then you finally achieve it at some circumstance in your life. Now imagine having that feeling of accomplishment and self-satisfaction for the whole life? That’s true happiness.
That’s why it is primordial to have a right and realistic perspective of success. Maybe you will consider yourself successful when you find your other-half and build-up a family, finish your studies, have a billion dollars in your bank account or find your dream job, that’s all right and having those goals are very important, but you can’t achieve something if you don’t want anything. So set your goals and live for them.

Are you a successful person?

What happens is that sometimes people build wrong understandings of what success is and they live all their lives regretting and wishing they were in a different situations, but the question is; Are you really not yet a successful or maybe you don’t appreciate what you have because of your wrong definition of success?

The most successful person is not the one that has the most but the person that needs the least, think about it and develop the essential attitude that will help you achieve this stability and massive success.

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One thought on “What does success mean to you?

  1. I think that is a good article because you speak about motivation and sometimes in our life we desire lot things but we forget because we think that we never will make happen.
    But the secret is never give up of our drems and keep fighting.

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