A little more than two years ago, Success Code had the privilege of being one of the first media channels to interview the founders of Tupuca – now one of the most prominent companies in Angola, and has become the company’s biggest media partner since then. 

“Even when Amazon started, it started by selling books. They didn’t even think about selling bicycles and other things that are sold now. An ambitious business goes where the opportunities are. As we are now making the delivery of meals, we are also analyzing the market and seeing what other needs there are. And if it gets on our reach, we will get there… we can even get into space.”– Erickson Mvezi, CEO of Tupuca to Success Code back in 2016

Today, Tupuca just announced way more than an update, but a complete renewal of their mobile app – where users will have more features, more options, a greater convenience, a completely new experience.

To tell us a little more about the surprises that will come with this update, we’ve got Wilson Ganga, Co-founder and Marketing Director of Tupuca:

Success Code: Greetings Wilson and thank you for the wonderful opportunity!

Can you start by giving our audience a brief background on the way Tupuca operated at the beginning and how will the new app differ from the current one?

Wilson Ganga: Pleasure! Well, in 2015 we started with the goal of food delivering, and even our logo corresponded to that, the fork, the time and its colors which really portrayed a startup, exited to be in the market.

Then we envisioned opportunities for expansion and since we’ve got the platform, so we thought between ourselves, why not give it a try?

In this new update we will deliver a whole new user experience to our customers and in addition to food delivering, we are also going to work with grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing companies, event’s tickets, pretty much everything – the new slogan will be: unlimited deliveries, we will even allow users to book their taxi rides with us.

Success Code: In talks with Success Code back in 2016, before the app was launched, Tupuca already showed an interest to expand its delivering options, but was it planned to happen so quickly? If not, what inspired the team to make such a bold move?

Wilson Ganga: Yes, it was planned. We have some of the next years already planned out, so what we do is just follow the plan. The expansion from Belas to City then to Kilamba, it was all set previously. Then we got everything ready for the groceries, the pharmacies and everything that our users will be seeing soon.

Although we did not expect that it would happen so quickly, we were forced by the demand. We constantly sent out surveys and we trying to really understand our customers. After that we just talked to the IT Team and our Developers, we have set some road-maps and now we are just ready to implement.

Success Code: Since Tupuca is the leading force in its sector, this move ends up being a huge treat to other small companies who were trying to get to those niches – how does the team feel about the upcoming level of competitiveness?

Wilson Ganga: We genuinely respect our competitors. We know that they are some really good ones. I won’t mention names but we are watching.

We’ve got a team dedicated to watching the competition and see how they are doing, but it is not really a huge treat to them because Angola has a huge market.

The new functionalities are more a demand thing. They are requests that our customers made previously and we are really focusing on them.

They are certain things that we don’t do right that other people do, so our aim is mainly to become better and to provide better services to our customer base.

Success Code: After positioning itself as a food delivering app only and building a reputation around that, what are some of the moves being implemented to make the transition as smooth as possible?

Wilson Ganga:
We are the marketing team spent around 3 months fighting, picking and choosing the right brand for Tupuca’s Phase 2.

We chose a new logo and a new color scheme because a chalk blue is a more serious color. It gives the image of that small startup who matured a little bit. I think we can’t even call ourselves a startup any longer, we are more like a corporate company and that is where the new logo came from.

The lines and the movement it passes also emphasizes on the fact that we will be delivering everything from point A to point B.

A lot of effort was really put in the overall image that we plan to protrude, and we also analysed how it fits into other brands locally.

We got very technical and creative with it and that is why we are launching the slogan: entregas ilimitadas to show that we can deliver anything exactly when the client needs it.

Firstly I was trying to decide if we should do it all at once or do it little by little. Even though all at once is very cost effective, we decided to do it little by little.

Just this week we decided to launch whole new bags and t-shirts for Tupuquinhas just to create that curiosity on our customers, then we decide to publish the pre-launch video on our digital platforms so that people can really see what is going to happen, and in few weeks people will be ready to see our brand new app update.

Success Code: At the beginning of the year Tupuca was nominated by Disrupt Africa as one of the companies to watch in 2018, then wonderful app updates followed. In few weeks Tupuca will be fighting for a million dollar investment at the Seedstars World Summit.

All these events show a gigantic momentum, what can Angola, Africa and the world still expect from Tupuca for the rest of 2018?

Wilson Ganga: We want to dominate the whole delivering market. It is true, we were between the 12 hottest startups but we want to continue working to keep that reputation for the years to come. Very soon we will be at the Seedstars Summit not only to fight for the investment but most importantly to represent Angola and Africa.

People don’t really know that much about Tech from Angola. They know about Rwanda, Nigeria, so our vision for this year is to put Angola in that map as well!

Success Code: Tupuca’s users are extremely loyal, patient and seem to understand the daily struggles on the operations of the business.

In talks with some of them, we were told that there’s always communication through the various digital marketing channels and that the empathy comes from the acknowledgment that Tupuca really cares about its customers – what message would you leave to those people who don’t use Tupuca yet?

Wilson Ganga: There was a huge need for the call-centre because we know the reality for on-demand services – the delays and the whole process of working with different companies, so we are really focused on improving what we provide to our customers, they are the ones who helped us to get to this place and we just would like to show some gratitude.

For those who don’t have the app yet – the message is that very soon we will be having different options for you. Some people don’t like ordering food, that is why we a launching this update with a huge variety of options for them, whether they want acquire groceries, medicine, clothing or simply call-out for a taxi.

In this interview with Wilson Ganga, Tupuca’s Co-founder and Marketing Director, we tried to get a lot of insights and tips for other entrepreneurs, while still delivering a lot of important information to the general public.

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