Social Media 5 Most Inspirational Male Entrepreneurs

In the process of achieving the success you desire, you will find a lot of difficult times and you really need an external inspirational support to keep going.

Did you ever wondered how amazing would it be to charge our faith in our dreams, by staying connected to people that carry a tremendous positive inspirational energy around social networks?

Below you will find individuals who are changing the lives of many people everyday, and you should really start following.

5 Most Inspirational Male Entrepreneurs on Social Media That You Don’t Follow:


1. Michel Issa

Michel is a Swedish multi-millionaire entrepreneur. He is not only famous for his wonderful philanthropic works, but because he was a monk before.

His posts are generally related to self-worth and about the importance of always giving to other people. It does not have to be materialistic things. We can always give attention for free, love and affection for free, knowledge for free, and that is basically what he focus on.

Follow Michel Issa:

Twitter (@_michel_issa)
Instagram (@michel__issa)


2. Tai Lopez

The symbol of The Good Life on the internet. Tai Lopez is a moving library. He is a very sagacious investor and he owns one of the top non-fiction book clubs on the internet. (

His definition of good life is getting the balance between wealth, health, love and happiness, and that is basically what his posts are all about, with a special focus on entrepreneurship.

Tai also organizes a lot of cool stuff like online programs and webinars but you will only be able to know what is coming by following him.

Follow Tai Lopez:

Twitter (@tailopez)
Instagram (@tailopez)


3. Steve Mehr

Steven Mehr is a successful lawyer and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of WebShark360, a full service advertising agency based in California.

Steve’s posts are generally about becoming a bad-ass when it comes to massive achievements. He shows you how to dominate your goals and developing the right mindset to withstand all the pitfalls that you will probably face if you want to live an extraordinary life.

Follow Steve Mehr:

Twitter (@askstevemehr)
Instagram (@agentsteven)


4. Matt Pocius

Matt Pocius is considered the Youngest, Highest Paid Internet Marketing Consultant in the World. Matt made his first million when he was 18 years old, once again making it evident that you are never too young to achieve big things in life.

His posts are about hunting your goals, dreaming big, developing good and healthy partnerships with people, and entrepreneurship.

Follow Matt Pocius:

Twitter (@mattpocius)
Instagram (@mattpocius)


5. Arvin Lal

He is an amazing entrepreneur and a master in online marketing. He founded a multi-million dollar nutritional supplement company in less than three years with zero capital investment, and basically using only social media marketing.

Arvin’s posts are about building a great self-steem , believing in your goals, dreams, passions and what you are mad about – without letting any negative influence from the world or from people contaminate you into thinking that your dreams are not possible.

Follow Arvin Lal

Twitter (@arvinsworld)
Instagram (@arvinsworld)

We would be super happy to know who are the entrepreneurs who inspire you the most in any social network and why? To do this, write a tweet to us on Twitter (@_successcode) or leave us a message on Facebook (SuccessCodeBlog)

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