The Richest Man In Babylon, by George Clason


The Richest Man In Babylon, by George Clason

As mentioned in the book itself, The Richest Man In Babylon was designed to give readers a clear understanding about their financial situation. The book uses success secrets that will surely lead you to the road of happiness and prosperity.

In the book success is defined as accomplishments from our own efforts and habits, which are all the results of proper preparation.

The book takes us back to Babylon, which became the ancient city where people applied various principles of acquiring money, keeping money, and making money.

It all starts with two old friends – Bansir and Kobbi. They met somewhere in Babylon, and started talking about their discontentment for being in one of the richest places on earth, working diligently for years, but never really enjoying the best things in life.

They feel like slaves of work. Everything they earn disappears without them even really taking advantage of it. Tired of the life they live, Bansir and Kobbi start to observe how miserable life in Babylon is for the majority of people, while there are people who seem to enjoy life to the fullest and their money never ends. The likes of a very rich and charismatic man – claimed to be the richest man in Babylon.

Therefore both friends make a commitment of going to Arked to ask for the secret of wealth, and guidance on how they could also make an income for themselves. That is how the whole revelation begins.

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