What are Uber drivers’ thoughts about autonomous taxis? Find out now!

Uber is an online transportation network company founded in the United States of America in 2009. Uber’s services and mobile app officially launched in San Francisco in 2011, and from then, it has revolutionised the way transportation used to be made.

As of August 2016, Uber is available to over 66 countries in the world. From this number, 8 are African countries, namely: Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

Uber services have been the subject of disputes and waves of strikes around the globe, as it is dominating the market, leaving almost no room for the average taxi drivers to compete. As a result, taxi drivers feel that they are being affected and that this is unfair.

Uber also announced that it is working with Tesla to bring self-driving taxis to the streets in few years to come. So what are Uber drivers thoughts on this as well?

Success Code brings you exclusive answers from Uber drivers operating in Cape Town, South Africa.

John and Michael is how we will address both drivers which decided to talk to our team, as they wanted their identities preserved. John’s and Michael’s opinions about the subject diverged, and below we will illustrate both of them.

On one hand, John said that Uber has a really great system because it took him from unemployment to having a positive income at the end of every month. He also showed to be confident about the services he offers, stating that they are safer, faster, and cheaper than the average taxis.

He believes that the only option taxis have is to either join them or dramatically improve their modus operandi. John’s confidence remained intact, until he was asked about the implementation of self-driven cars from Uber in the near future.

In this case, John said that he will take the taxi drivers’ position, and fight hard against the change as well… Forgetting what he had just said about “improving the modus operandi” in the case of greater competition.

On the other hand, Michael believes that the whole world became against Uber because governments and various systems like the one average taxi drivers use are outdated. He says that Uber protects its drivers from the huge taxes from the government and makes them their own bosses.

Michael showed to really understand the anger experienced by taxi drivers, but he says that at the end of the day it is also about what the customers desires are, and as long as Uber continues to be more convenient and accessible, they will definitely be people’s first choice.

“So what do you think about the implementation of self-driven cars by Uber?” we asked. “You know… Uber not only teaches us how to add value to the service we offer, but it teaches us how to become entrepreneurs,” Michael said. He then continued “As an entrepreneur, I understand that this is just part of business, that’s how the game works. I wasn’t a taxi driver before, the game pushed me here, so when self-driven Ubers take over, I will see then what to do next.”

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Originally posted 2016-10-31 11:33:30.


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