Located right in the heart of Talatona at Belas Business Park to be more precize, at Embarcadouro do Mussulo (Club S), at Deana Spa in Marginal and in Kilamba, Kook Restaurant is a national and international reference, standing out for its sushi – which is considered by many to be the best in Angola.

In 2015 it was considered the best restaurant of the year, but didn’t stop there, in 2016 the restaurant received four awards namely: Best Sushi of the Year, Best Service of the Year, Best Dish of the Year and Best Participation. In 2017 Kook Restaurant won the Best Experience of the Year and the Best Dish of the Year award as well.


Recently, Kook was highlighted in the ranking of the 1000 Best Restaurants of the world of 2018 by La Liste, being better positioned than well known restaurantes from countries like Japan and even the United States.

If we could describe Kook in a single paragraph, words such as: lovely place, comfortable environment, classy service, mouth-watering menu and exquisite decor couldn’t miss.

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Find Kook’s Menu in the App Tupuca and start ordering from today: 

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