Why do the best employees end up quitting?


When you think about becoming an entrepreneur – just having your first idea can be challenging, creating a strategy can be a huge headache as well, but nothing compared to the stress of having everything set and not being able to find the right people to execute on it.

I am not talking about finding employees – that’s something everybody can be. I am talking about #achievers. I am talking about top performers, people who are not coming because they need a monthly income stream but who want to be part your company’s culture, and take your business to the next level.

Employees are like children to parents – even when they don’t admit it, they have a favourite one.

We all know the top performers in our companies. Key employees which we know if they left the team, it would take us an eternity to find someone to fill that gap. If like me you also feel the affliction of losing your dearest employees, stay tuned because I will help you to understand this phenomenon better.

As humans, one of the most efficient techniques we have to acquire new teachings is by observing or copying other people’s behaviour – voluntarily or not. It is a strategy we have to be socially incorporated.

Really engaged workers know this as well, so that they associate themselves with people who are the way they are or the way they want to be. That is what they look for when they join a team.

The problem is that when he is the only one growing and building skills. It gets to a point where in that table of people who were like him or better – he becomes the best one – and he knows that the longer he continues in that environment, the more he is losing the chance of continue growing somewhere else.

Originally posted 2016-09-22 13:35:41.


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