The new companies, and the magic of our time


You probably already noticed how companies have evolved and how competitive the market has been. Companies go bankrupt for several reasons; market rejection, economic problems, management deficits, or because they are suffocated by other companies – which are in the magic of our time.

This magic portrays phenomena that while for some people pass by unnoticed, they illustrate a huge revolution in how businesses are been done.

Facebook, the largest media influencer in the world, doesn’t create content.

Uber, the largest taxi company in the world, owns no vehicles.

iTunes, the world’s largest music store, doesn’t produce songs.

Alibaba, the world’s most valuable retailer, has no inventory.

Airbnb, the leading accommodation provider, has no real estate.

Instagram, the world’s largest photography company, doesn’t sell cameras.

Netflix, the fastest growing television network, doesn’t depend on the conventional lines.

The list is long. It extends to other companies like Google, Whatsapp, Twitter, Seamless, and etc. Those same companies are the fastest growing companies in the world. So what’s the catch?

After reviewing what these companies don’t have, it’s time to find out the real reason why they are so profitable. According to TechCrunch, these companies own the interface where users or customers actually are, making them thin layers sitting on top of service providers, allowing them to run with very limited operational costs.

What are your views on “the magic” of our time?

Originally posted 2016-10-19 19:41:39.


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