The Magic Of Thinking Big, by Dr. David Schwartz


The Magic Of Thinking Big, Dr. David Schwartz

The author starts the book by asking a very important question: “Think about what your ideal life would look like. What is stopping you?”

If you can dream it, you can do it.– Walt Disney

Throughout the whole book it is emphasized that the size of our success is limited only by the size of our thinking. According to Dr. David Schwartz thinking big is related to believing big. It generates the power and the energy required to live a successful life.

To enable us to believe that everything we dream of will eventually become true, it is necessary that first of all we believe in ourselves. “Others see in us exactly what we see in ourselves.”  Said Dr. David Schwartz

The book also has an enormous amount of applicable lessons, and I have selected some of them, to give you a better overview of what the book is about.

How to develop self-belief:

  • Think success, not failure
  • Remember yourself that you are better than you think you are.
  • Believe big, have big goals.

Essential components on our plan to success:

  • What – we need to know exactly what are we trying to do
  • How – how will we be able to achieve it
  • Payoff – what are the results we are waiting for?

If achieving success was something easy, everybody would be successful. This book is not only full of lessons to help us build the mindset of a successful person, but it also advises us that making excuses  is one of the most efficient ways to kill our dreams. We can achieve anything we want, independently of our age, health limitations, intelligence and other factors.

How to break our traditional thinking:

  • Become receptive to new ideas
  • Become an experimental
  • Be progressive
  • Plan your activities daily

How to develop listening skills:

  • Encourage others to talk;
  • Test your views in the form of questions;
  • Concentrate on what the other person is saying. Don’t just wait for your turn.

My favourite quotes from the book:

Learn to see what it can be, not just what it is.– Dr. David Schwartz

The people that think that they are not important, usually aren’t important. Because it is all about your thinking. How you think determines how you act, and how you act determines how people react to your presence. You are what you think you are.” – Dr. David Schwartz

The more you worry, the worst it will be. The more you tell people about it, the more you feel.” – Dr. David Schwartz

Too often we read books which simply give us general strategies on how we can achieve success. This book is completely different, it has a huge number of practical lessons that you can implement in your everyday life to start living BIG!

Where to buy the book: Amazon

Question: What has been your biggest barrier when it comes to thinking big?
Leave your answer in the comments section below!

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