5 hábitos de pessoas emocionalmente equilibradas

459 “Emoções são o que nos torna humanos . torna-nos real. A palavra “emoção” significa energia em movimento. Seja honesto sobre suas emoções , e use sua mente e emoções a seu favor , e não contra si mesmo . “- Robert T. Kiyosaki Em posts anteriores eu falei sobre encontrar a estabilidade e um […]

Increase Your Productivity By Giving Up On These 10 Habits

298 For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. – Isaac Newton Even though Isaac Newton’s third law of motion is mostly used in Physics, I consider it a very relevant statement that should also be taken into consideration in our daily lives. It is important to have in mind that all the […]

The Power Of Reading

We know, but we don’t understand the importance of reading . The truth is that if we really understood the power of reading, we would be reading.

What is meditation all about?

Even though it is becoming a very popular practice all around the world, very few of us really know what meditation is really all about, but this article came to end all your doubts.

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