5 Tasks Which Will Make Your Days Happier


Happiness is an emotional state which gives us an incredible feeling of peace and well-being, seducing us into always trying to be in that zone.

Happiness can be a consequence of spending time with people we love, doing what we are passionate about, achieving some objectives, or when we just have the feeling that things are really going alright in our lives.

Too often we try to find happiness in big things like getting into a relationship with somebody, traveling, buying expensive items of which we always dreamed of, or even in extreme cases we search for it in the wrong things – revenge, drugs, and alike.

The questions is; Why look for it so far, when we have all it takes within our reach?

Below are 5 simples tasks which you can easily implement in your everyday life, that will surely help you to become a more positive person, and enjoyable to be around!

1. Organize daily goals

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. – Lewis Carroll

Everyday have a goal or a set of goals to accomplish until the day ends. This gives you the feeling of growth, fulfilment, and consequently you will be more efficient and satisfied with that you do.

2. Cut off the News

Undoubtedly News are very important in our everyday lives. They do not only keep us updated on what is going on around the globe, but they are also essential as they help us to get out of trouble sometimes.

The only problem is that in today’s world, media has shifted its focus from informing the population to publishing what sells, and unfortunately homicides, catastrophes and other heart-breaking events are more profitable.

Since the early hours of the days we are bombarded with negative news, as a result our moods are spoiled and we constantly find ourselves involuntarily talking about all those negative events of the world.

As the old proverb says “Bad news travels fast,” so do not spoil your earlier hours of the day worrying about them. Listen to your favourite songs, read a book or find other pleasant tasks to do.

3. Decided to be Grateful

When you decide to be grateful you don’t have time to be worried, stressed out, or lacking confidence.

The problem is that too often we wait until our dreams and goals are accomplished, in order to be thankful. The truth is that gratitude is not about being thankful for what we receive, but for what we already have got.

You do not need a lot to be thankful. The fact that you are alive is sufficient enough!

4. Do not associate with negative people

Negativity is contagious. Try to help people to become more optimistic and positive but if you fail, set yourself apart from them.

You don’t want to be around people who are always worried, stressed out, complaining, disparate or negative about everything.

5. Reward yourself

We love comfort, that is our nature. So in order to develop new habits and stick to them, buy yourself some gifts and do activities which you really enjoy doing. This way you will stimulate your brain to continue pushing hard and adapting to the new circumstances.

Share we us in the comments section below, which tasks make you happier?

Originally posted 2016-06-20 22:48:10.


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