Finding Your Passion


Time is the most precious asset we have, and as a result, we can’t afford to lose it anytime in our lives.

Generally we get desperate to know exactly the career we should pursue, or in which area we would fit, not because we are not interested in trying different activities, but because we don’t want to waste time doing the wrong things.

We don’t want to be following a shadow, and as soon we realize that, another question pops up; how do I find out what my passion truly is?

As simple as it may seem for some people, for the majority, knowing exactly what to do for their lives is a source of many headaches.

In the middle of all this questioning, there is only one aspect we often underestimate, and perhaps it is the most important.

We don’t have to look for what is already within us.

Our passion is with us every single day; in what we love to talk about the most, in what we watch, in the people we admire the most, in what we spend most of our with… It is literally everywhere. We are just avoiding it.

Too often we don’t pull our dreams away, because we voluntarily want to do it. But because we stress a lot on what people are going to think; we doubt our own capabilities, thinking that we are not good enough for that; or because we believe that there is no money in what we want to do. Those are the real reasons why we end up in courses and jobs we hate, and not the lack of passion towards what we really wish to be doing.

As Gayle Forman said “Sometimes you make choices in life, and sometimes choices make you.”

You don’t choose your passion, it has already chosen you. All you have to do is to stop ignoring it.

Originally posted 2016-06-06 12:06:03.


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