Is money really important?


We reach a stage in our lives where we start thinking about the career we would like to follow, we think about where we would like to live and work, whether we are going to marry or not, we try to predict the age we will achieve our dreams, and so on…

During all this period of planning our future, a question always pops-up: Is money really important?

Usually at this point in time we are thinking about our dream houses, cars, vacations… And all those are dreams that only money can buy.

Automatically we start asking ourselves if money really deserves all these appreciation.

We need to be very careful because our perceptions of the importance of money, can determine the way we will deal with it and this can have a huge influence on our financial success.

The truth is: money is extremely important!

Even though money is something that we should always consider, there are things in life that are by far more important than having a greater affluence and I believe that our top priorities should be reflecting on them.

Putting money as the most important thing in our lives can have drastic ends. People become wild to the extent of being able to do anything for few bucks. In this case, the desire for money makes us blind, insensitive and we develop an attitude of indifference towards the things that really matter in life.

The most important things in our lives should be our relationships, our happiness, our health and our finances can then follow. When our perspectives are organised in such a way, we will desire a greater affluence but we will still know that we can’t compromise other people’s lives, we can’t affect our health and welfare, and so we take more calculated steps.

Be careful because the people who too often say that money is not important are the same ones who are poor or suffering from any financial problem. It is basically a result of their mindset. This way of thinking develops in people an indifference about money and so they are unable to end its scarcity in their lives.

I would like to read from you too, to which extent is money important to you?

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2 thoughts on “Is money really important?

  1. All broken down, sick and poor, after living a hard life. I got myself together, managed to get an education and a job only to hit the wall bigger than ever before. I want to say that i hate money because the truggle to have a steady income, and be a good girl like everyone else, trying to fit in, working just to work even though i hated what i did to my inside has made me really really sick i have come to realize.. She stress i put myself through just doing what i thought was expected of me, trying to be what i thought everyone else wanted me to be, trying to suit in the “one size fits all sosiety” just to make money makes me hate it.. I hate what money does to people, what people do to eachother and them self to get it, and what it/they do to the world.. Primarily I’m talking about the bigger picture, like the Corporation, The transnational Companies/multinational companies that are litterally destroying the world as we speak.. All for the profit/the money.. And i hate that i don’t have the money to make a difference! Money rules… And i hate it! There is no balance, no sucess in ruining people’s lives, the nature/our world just for money/easy and fast profits. It’s just just gonnamake the world and everything on it end up feeling just like me.. A broken bag of waste.. Should have read your article’s before i got it together.. Then maybe i culd have cept it together instead of getting torn apart!? Thougt education and money meant succes but Ooh! What a big mistake!! Never have confused money with happiness though! Always somthing hahaha!!!???


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