How to become a successful entreprenuer


startup-715x390Undertake is to have the ability to find solution to problems and difficult situations . It seems very difficult is not it? It is a term widely used in the business context and often is related to the creation of companies or new products . These same products were obviously designed to meet the need of society. Undertake is not only creating new products but also develop older products , improve work techniques .

In a more simplistic view , we can understand as an entrepreneur someone who starts something new , who sees what nobody sees , one that leaves the dream area , desire , and part to the action .

To become a successful entrepreneur , you need to have skills such as:


Determination and willpower ;

Ability to organize and adapt ;

Lead people ;

Recognize steps and processes to improve their service .

1- Imagination ( Dream, and dream BIG )

Imagination is as important as being realistic with your capabilities . Imagination extends the real field by increasing the possibilities for concrete and positive accomplishments.

When we use our imagination in a intelligent and innovative way, the ability brings up new avenues for issues before seen as extremely complex and without a solution.

Most of the problems that we really depend on our decisions , be wise in your decisions and will see that will have fewer problems.

If you look at this issue and see that most of our problems exist only in the negative imaginary field.

So imagine constructively and positively in order to be a good entrepreneur.

“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do Them . “

2- Determination and willpower .

YOU , not others have to believe and fight for your company to succeed, a lot of determination and will power . Hard times will appear to be strong intelligent and smart.

Make friends that help you grow in intellect and will of mind so you can really fight the battle every day , if necessary open your business with the help of a friend or your spouse so they can support you each other in difficult times.

Believe in your dream, believe in your company.

3- Ability to organize and adapt ;

The business sector is the best branch for people seeking financial freedom but any entrepreneur or investor has to be organized.

A company without organization tends to fail may even have a beautiful beginning and it will appear that will have success without end, but one day had to fail for lack of internal organization.

The organization is critical to the success of any business. Understand why organization has the best resources , and the application of human, material and financial resources, and integrate them in a logical , rational and harmonious .

Set goals and ensure the execution of the work within the deadline .

The entrepreneur must also know how to adapt to the new needs of its recipients, and new technologies . The entrepreneur has to be hand in hand as being ahead of its competitors in order to be successful in the business in which is inserted .

4- Leading people

The nature and the exercise of leadership has been research focus of man throughout its history. Driving a group of people , turning it into a team that generates results is called leadership. The ability to motivate and influence the led ones, ethical and positive way , to voluntarily contribute with enthusiasm to achieve the goals of the team and the organization.

Entrepreneurial leadership,  you need to know a lot about yourself. From the beginning as an entrepreneur  you need to know what are your strengths that will serve as a lever to your entrepreneurial project.

It is human and wise to recognize that need other people to account for all activities and tasks.

Extol the qualities just like you reprimand These defects are the rules for growth in your work environment – Daniel Neto

5- Recognize steps and processes to improve their service .

The entrepreneur must take into account that you need to create a series of logical steps involved with the best working techniques to improve their service .

The entrepreneur has to know know the type of company that it will undertake Tai Lopez said to succeed you have to follow the KSE rule  knowledge, strategy and execution.

1- Knowledge : You have to know where you are going to undertake , how to stay ahead of that undertaking in the same market as you and lead the market . If not able to lead at least to make enough money .

Strategy 2 : You must have a strategy , not a plan. Strategy because you have to think how to adapt if something does not go according to the primary idea. Plan everybody has but strategy is more well prepared for any unexpected .

3. Execution: Execution the best part for some and more difficult for others. After gathering the knowledge to outline a strategy the person performs the same in order to achieve its objectives

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  1. Artigo bem claro e direto ao ponto, parabéns! De fato, achar soluções para determinados problemas e solucioná-los desenvolvendo um empreendimento é o espírito de um verdadeiro empreendedor focado em fazer um negócio dar certo e ir para frente.

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