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We seek to expand our community in order to accommodate a larger number of contributors. We believe that everyone has something to share with the world, and we would like to give this pleasure to you too.

Before becoming a contributor, read our terms and conditions:

  • All the content must be unique, and should add value to the life of each Achiever.
    Contributors can write about the topics of their preference, and on dates they feel more conformable to write them.
  • Remember to do a search on our blog, to avoid the presentation of already published ideas.
  • To keep the account as a collaborator, you will be required to write at least one article every 8 weeks. Otherwise, the inactivity will result in the automatic suspension of the account.
  • Any content produced, will not be published without being inspected and reviewed by the editorial of Success Code.

Our most popular categories:

  1. Personal development – articles that help any individual to improve their personal skills.
  2. Lifestyle – articles with tips or news that help people improve their daily lives.
  3. Case studies – inspirational stories about the launch of companies, or the resolution of certain problems.
  4. Relationships – articles with tips and strategies for healthier and long lasting relationships.
  5. Books – reviews of books on self-help, entrepreneurship, finance, and biographies, which you would recommend to our readers.
  6. Quotes – Inspirational and motivational quotes that can help our readers to stay motivated.


Credit: We respect individual works. But if your article was inspired by some other work or more, feel free to give credit. The same goes for images you use in your publications.

Article Quality: To ensure that your article is approved, it is essential to write a very original article, and specifically targeted for our audience.

The article must have a minimum of 300 words, and must cover the topic completely.

Self-promotion: We only allow genuine contributions. We do not allow any backlinks or anything of that sort. You will have the chance to build a brand for yourself by the publications you will make to our community.

Columns: Only our columnists can make columns on our blog. Our columnists are strictly selected by our editorial staff.

You can also become a columnist, if you adapt quickly to the voice of Success Code, and your work is above average.

Copyright: We respect everyone’s work. If by any chance we find out that you have plagiarized publications elsewhere, this will result in an immediate ban and the removal of all your articles and your profile from Success Code.

Such procedures are taken because by submitting an article to Success Code, you give us the copyright ownership of the publication. This helps us to deal with any issues related to copyright.

Comments: They are basically the chat of the article. When the article is published, it is necessary for the author to answer any questions related to the article via comments. This will give you more exposure and helps in building a relationship with several readers.

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