10 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Failure

In our previous article on How to Take Advantage of Your Fear of Failure, you could understand that everyone feels the fear of failure but the secret relies oh how each and every individual reacts to it. If you did not read that article yet, I recommend you do. If you read it already, let us go to what really matters! Now that you can understand what fear is all about, I felt the necessity of giving you practical steps as well. As one of my quotes state ”Knowledge is power, but if you do not take action, you will never give it the opportunity to be manifested.” So, it is of no use to know a lot about fear and still being controlled by it. Below I have a selection of 10 practical steps that you can start using from


“SUCCESS AND YOU BY JOHN KEHOE” This month’s Book-Of-The-Month is going to motivate you to seek success on your daily activicties. Many people still wonder how can others achieve so much while they can’t or why are they in the same place everyday? How can my co-worker get promoted, and I am still here? How can my classmate have such wonderful grades ? If I study also. It is a vast list of questions that we frequently ask our selves, but aren’t you tired of always seeking for excuses and just seeing others achieve while you are still there? If your answer is yes, fortunately you are extactly in the right place and this book will be great for you. “How many success stories do you need to hear before you start writing your  own ? ” The first key thing

Procrastinate On Purpose

What? A page that is supposed to inspire and motivate me to achieve massive success is persuading me to procrastinate? Yes, and you will never be able to massive productivity if you don’t master the technique of knowing what to procrastinate. The only difference between the average person and the most successful people on earth when it comes to the number of accomplishments are not related to their physical appearance, academic level, fortune, nationality, religion, neither IQ. It all lies on the ability of these successful individuals to use their time efficiently in order to get done a greater amount of tasks possible between a specific period. Usually we hear successful people saying that they don’t procrastinate. What they mean is that they don’t put for tomorrow things that are supposed to be done today. And what about the less