Taking Advantage of Your Fear of Failure

Right, we all have dreams and different goals that we would love to achieve in our lifetime. Unfortunately because of our perfectionist society and our convectional educational systems, we have been conditioned to believe that failing is a bad thing. That the consequence of failing should be punishment or you should suffer, but the truth is; failing is just part of the equation to succeed in any aspect of our lives. Why Do We Feel Afraid? Fear it self, is simply part of our defensive mechanism. The adrenaline released when we are afraid helps us to be prepared for action. I often hear people saying; ‘I just do not know what do to, I have a lot of ideas but I am afraid of failing.’ At first it amuses me and I become happy, because I know that there is

10 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Failure

In our previous article on How to Take Advantage of Your Fear of Failure, you could understand that everyone feels the fear of failure but the secret relies oh how each and every individual reacts to it. If you did not read that article yet, I recommend you do. If you read it already, let us go to what really matters! Now that you can understand what fear is all about, I felt the necessity of giving you practical steps as well. As one of my quotes state ”Knowledge is power, but if you do not take action, you will never give it the opportunity to be manifested.” So, it is of no use to know a lot about fear and still being controlled by it. Below I have a selection of 10 practical steps that you can start using from

4 Simple Questions That Will Help You Overcome Your Fear of Failure

4 Questions to Get You Past Your Fear of Failure What’s holding you back right now from living the life of your dreams? How is the fear of failure showing up in your life? Ask yourself these four questions and then take small, simple actions to begin overcoming them today. 1) What are you putting off right now that you know you should be doing? What was the first thing that popped into your head? Do that today. Break it down into simple steps and just do the first one, that’s it. You have just won a small victory against procrastination. 2) What are you doing today that you don’t need to be doing? Scan through your day in your mind. What are you doing that isn’t essential? Cut out one thing. Just one. You have just won a small