10 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Failure

In our previous article on How to Take Advantage of Your Fear of Failure, you could understand that everyone feels the fear of failure but the secret relies oh how each and every individual reacts to it. If you did not read that article yet, I recommend you do. If you read it already, let us go to what really matters! Now that you can understand what fear is all about, I felt the necessity of giving you practical steps as well. As one of my quotes state ”Knowledge is power, but if you do not take action, you will never give it the opportunity to be manifested.” So, it is of no use to know a lot about fear and still being controlled by it. Below I have a selection of 10 practical steps that you can start using from

Learn To Follow Your Heart – Steve Jobs

We all have different perspectives – and perhaps we should have. In my personal views Steve Jobs was one of the most creative creatures the world have ever seen. My biggest admiration doesn’t come from his ability to envision products that became like an extension of humans beings as he always wanted them to be. He such an admirable creature because of his ability to not only follow but lead his heart. Since his early days he was moved by his passions and for his desires to improve human being’s lives by the implementation of technologic devices, but what most of people don’t know is how Steve Jobs suffered before building the company that at the moment is the world’s most valuable company in the world, Apple. The secret to his success is evident – he did not ignore his