Advantages Of Those Who Read!

Reading is one of the most important factors in developing the intellect and also the shortest way to gather knowledge and information.

It is evident that in the course of the last century, reading has been replaced by TV, smartphones, computers and games.

We need to destroy the idea that reading is a boring and monotonous activity. Although, reading remains the oldest and most effective way to gain knowledge.

Reading does not only improve our vocabulary, but it also helps individuals to develop different skills such as:

Growth of critical thinking;

Development of systems thinking;

Broad and rich vocabulary;

Improvement in writing;

Greater powers of persuasion;

Encouraging the opening of new opinions and views;

Expansion of cultural repertoire;

Higher quality in interpersonal relationships;

Continuous self-development.

Reading is not an innate trait, no one is born with this ability. In order to become an avid reader, it requires focus and persistence.

Just like the body needs exercise to stay healthy, the mind needs new information in order to function normally.

A lot of people could change their lives after developing a passion to read. The good news is that you could improve your life too. So we recommend you start reading from today, or even now…

You don’t need to read gigantic books, or finish all our blog posts just today. 

“Step by step you get ahead.” – As Charlie Munger said 

Start with a number of small books, magazines, or this next article we mentioned which we think will be very useful: 5 Steps To Develop The Habit Of Reading


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