Angola and China sign a visa facilitation agreement for ordinary passports

Angola and China have signed a Visa Facilitation Agreement for ordinary passports recently in Luanda.

This agreement will facilitate businessmen from both countries to expand their business operations, since businessmen from both countries always faced many difficulties in obtaining visas.

“We have always noticed a great difficulty in the entry of the Chinese in Angola and the Angolan businessmen in that country, due to delays related to visa permits, that is the reason why this decision of the two governments arrives to bring a great value to the commercial relations, and make them stronger,” said CAC vice-president, António Evaristo.

It should be emphasized that this partnership between Angola and China began back in 1983, and that China is Angola’s largest trading partner since 2007, cooperating in the military, agricultural, academic, agroindustrial, infrastructural, petroleum and technological fields.

According to Angola Press Agency (ANGOP), the visa facilitation agreement in ordinary passports should be valid within thirty days from Sunday and will simplify the entry for businessmen, academics and scientific researchers, cultural men, sportsmen and those who require medical treatment.


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