Exclusive Interview with James Corneille, one of the Irish most prominent young entrepreneurs

Ireland is a small modern European country, but its popularity goes way beyond its geographic magnitude. Ireland’s capital city, Dublin, is one of the main tech centres in the continent, and according to Forbes Magazine, Ireland is currently the 4th best place for doing business in the world.

To ensure that you too can have a closer look into what Irish entrepreneurs are up to, we’ve interviewed James Corneille – the founder of Positivity Pack.

Image: Irish Examiner

Image: Irish Examiner

He started working with computers since he was 8 years old, and after many businesses attempts, at 17 years old James Corneille launched the Positivity Pack – a chill-out kit for bad days, he says.

So far, James has received 13 awards in tech and business, and has being featured in the main media outlets of the country. The Positivity Pack is not only killing it as a startup, but it also tackles mental health issues.

How does Positivity Pack works

Each and every one of us can have access to the companies’ website – positivitypack.com, buy one of the kits and products, and just cheer someone’s day up or our own. The kits can come with bubble wrap, smiley face stickers, calm tea bags, custom messages, de-stress guides, sweets, colourful balloons and so much more.

But no one better than James Corneille to tell us more about himself right? So let’s jump straight into the interview.

Success Code: Hello James, can you tell us more about yourself?
James Corneille: Hello. Well, I’m a 17 year old Irish teen entrepreneur with a passion for making people happy!

I’ve won 13 tech & business awards and I’m currently working on my latest startup, Positivity Pack. I’ve had a few before, which were either mildly successful or failures but nothing as big as this.

Success Code: Why did you choose to become an entrepreneur?
James Corneille: I’ve always had the mindset, “you can do anything and achieve anything you want” and “you can change the world” etc, and I’ve always been very determined… I feel like my personality was made for this!

A lot of people agree that entrepreneurship is actually a mindset, and not setting up a business. It’s also a logical step after technology. Selling websites, graphics, etc, you get accustomed to the business life.

Success Code: So tell us James, what is the Positivity Pack all about, and why do you think people should buy it?
James Corneille: Positivity Pack is the perfect chill-out kit to spread happy vibes. It’s basically a package of happiness designed to spread happiness straight to your friends’ doorstep.

Success Code: What are your future projections? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
James Corneille: I’ve very high ambitions; I want to change the world. In 5 years I’ll hopefully have achieved some of that goal!

More personal; I’d like the ability to have freedom, travel the world and such, but my highest goal is to change the world with positivity.

Success Code: How do you deal with the fact that people underestimate you for being so young?
James Corneille: Ah! People sometimes think I’m a bit childish for wanting to change the world. Maybe I am, and maybe I won’t achieve it somehow, but at least I’m going to try, and I’m confident that I will!

There’s a ton of other teen entrepreneurs, so I’m not the only one with these ambitions. (Smiles)

Success Code: What’s the best advice you could give to any young entrepreneur starting out?
James Corneille: If you really love what you’re doing you will already have the determination, and that’s a big thing.

Make sure that you are passionate about what you do, make it a hobby – not a career. I’ve made mild success and tons of failures, and I’ve learned a crazy amount from all of them, especially the failures… It all adds up to success in the end!

Throughout the interview, James always proved to be a very confident, friendly, and humble person – and positive, of course.

All over the world, everyday, more and more achievers are proving to us that age is simply a number. Whatever your age or dreams may be, remember that you have the power to make things happen. As Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible, until it is done.”

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