How does Tupuca works?

Tupuca is the first mobile food delivery application in Angola. During its launch last week, the application was one of the most popular in the national App Store, reaching even the first position. But how does Tupuca really works?

In this article we will answer this, and many other questions related to the company’s services.

Tupuca is not only useful for the delivery of meals. The application allows the user to get his meals delivered, and it also enabled him to simply order the desired food.

With a sophisticated, simple and easy to use interface, each and every one of us can have access to our favourite restaurants’ menus, read recommendations from other users, find the most popular dishes, and best of all – enjoy a wide variety of cuisines.

To start using Tupuca’s services:

1. Download the application

2. Choose the food, and order
3. Select whether you’ll use the delivery services or simply order from a restaurant
4. Make the payment only upon delivery

The next step is to simply enjoy the meal!


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