Sukara Restaurant and the Picasso Fajita

Located in Morro Bento, at Rua 21 de Janeiro, and opened all week long from 07:00 AM until 11:00 PM, Sukura restaurant gives us a profound experience of the most sophisticated baking and pastry.

Sukara offers us a complete service package, combining the best ingredients in original recipes, and expert chefs who have the mission to always deliver experience accompanied by the taste.


It is the perfect place for those who usually have breakfast, lunch or even dinner outside their homes, and still want to feel the taste of a meal made from the heart. The young, friendly and relaxed aura, make Sukara a perfect place to spend the afternoon with colleagues, friends or family.
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The Picasso Fajita is by far one of the biggest attractions in their menu. But the surprises don’t stop there.

In order to make Sukara more convenient to a greater number of people, with the services of Tupuca, in less than 5 minutes you can access a universe of delicacies, and have the pleasure of living moments that only restaurants like Sukara offer, without leaving where you are.

Check out Sukara’s menu!
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