Watch out for Facebook – Google’s silent killer

According to Forbes Magazine, Google is currently the world’s 2nd most valuable brand. Even though the company has been growing exceptionally well, it has to pay close attention to its silent killer, known by most of us as Facebook.

Google exists since 1998 and for years it has been the most traditional search engine for all of us. This is a fact that is slowly changing as Facebook also gets in the game.

Already on September 2012, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, when asked about Facebook becoming a search engine said that “We’re basically doing 1 billion queries per day and we’re not even trying.” He then continued to say “Facebook is pretty uniquely positioned to answer the questions people have. At some point we’ll do it. We have a team working on it.”

Today, 4 years later, I bet that we can all see this becoming a reality. Social Media in general became more like microblogging platforms, driving most of the traffic for some websites, and in the case of Facebook, you can literally find anything there now.

I plead guilty that I’m really starting to look for answers and content on Facebook. I mean, it is such a complete platform that it becomes a direct or indirect competitor to any other platform out there.

Facebook is not only taking the search space which was once totally devoted to Google and other search engines, but it also has gained a significant growth in online advertising. Its share of the global advertising revenue is the second in the world losing only to Google’s.

Advertisers are not attached to brands. They are attached to results. And results only come from where the crowd is. With a database of 1.71 billion active users, Facebook literally has it all.

If Facebook continues taking over, what do you think will be Google’s response?


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