How to succeed in the startup world if you are a woman

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Image: Shutterstock

Today in the morning I was just reading articles from some of my favourite female entrepreneurs, when I bumped into an amazing article by Monica Zent, the founder and CEO of Foxwordy. The article talked exactly about some of the barriers women still face as entrepreneurs, and very intelligent ways to overcome them.

Our editorial staff at, just implement a new space for female entrepreneurs and so I thought that this article would be perfect to start the program.

It is clear to everybody that there is still a huge discrimination towards female entrepreneurs, and that there is still a huge gap between the number of male and the number of female entrepreneurs today. Below I have shared the ways in which Monica mentioned that ensure that women succeed in the startup world.

#1. Leverage data

This is about analysing and understanding facts before taking any action upon them, and one of the most efficient ways of knowing which actions to take, is analysing the trends of a longer period of time.

Keeping a record of new events and strategies implemented in the startup, will be very if something goes wrong and things have to be re-adjusted.

#2. Encourage mentorship

As the saying goes “you become the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.” Surround yourself with other successful women, they will inspire and motivate you, mentor, and you two may even become business partners.

The entrepreneurial journey is not easy so don’t be to hard on yourself. Find friends who are in the same path, share your worries and get some motivation to continue going.

3. Create an equitable culture

Everything in the startup must be in equilibrium – and it starts from its culture. Make sure that salaries, holidays, promotions, trips, bonuses, and every aspect of your company is at balance.

The meaning of this is that people can’t be put at a disadvantage because of their gender, skin colour, religions or other factors. This kills the spirit of cooperation in any startup and consequently product ivy levels fall.

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Source: Monica Zent

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