The simplest yet most powerful question in business!

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Image: Shutterstock

If you were attracted by the title because this article looks like a straight forward way of bringing your business to another level, you got it right!

Whether you are just starting out or you are a more stabilized entrepreneur, if this question is not yet familiar to you – then you are probably losing a huge potential to expand. Business is all about finding solutions and so far the most efficient way of solving problems is by asking the right questions.

Apart from all the questions you ask people along your business research, the most important questions are always the ones we ask ourselves. And the most powerful question in business is found in one of them.

I guess you are anxious by now, trying to figure out which one is it. Let me tell you that it has nothing to do with those sophisticated or hard questions going on in your mind right now. The most powerful question in business is: Why?

Primarily, why are you starting a company? Why do you sell the products you sell? Why do people like or dislike your products? Why do you have the team you have? Why are you not growing as much as you should? Why is your business not making any progress? The list is endless… The point is: a simple “why?” can give us more answers than any other question ever would.

When implementing a new strategy, hiring a new employee, or selling a product – everytime you have to make a decision concerning your business, don’t forget to evaluate the “whys” first. 

After taking a part, I read the script and ask ‘why?’ I ask ‘why’ until there’s no more ‘why’ to ask.– Laura Linney

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