Sarchel Necesio is Platina Line!


Image: Sarchel Necesio via Facebook

Platina Line is the name of the largest reference of the Angolan entertainment. A portal founded on the 30th of December 2010, specially developed to educate, inform and to end the scarcity of credible information about Angolan celebrities.

Respecting the power that the portal has as an opinion maker, always providing precise information, and the charge of innovation that the team brought to market, allowed Platina line to quickly become the main source of information to the Lusophone community.

The portal has close to 4 million pageviews yearly, and a total of over one million Platinados (avid readers of the portal) in their social networks, which also makes it one of the most efficient advertising channels of the Angolan internet.

The growth was as such that Platina Line also expanded to the radio and the television, producing various contents which turned to be the most consumed among the largest networks.

Today Platina Line has a very structured team, and has its feet firmly on the Angolan market, but it was not always this way.

According to Sarchel Necesio – founder and CEO of Platina Line, the intention was to have a project particularly focused on music. He shared the idea with friends, received some assistance, but by mismanagement, different views, and because the roles at the company were not set from the beginning, there were several disagreements that forced Sarchel to abandon the project – which at the time had the name of Revista Platina.


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Sarchel Necesio believed that it wasn’t fair that he had profoundly devoted himself to the project, and then when the results appeared he had to equally share them with all the members of the team. It was then that Sarchel decided to continue the project on his own, but this time under the name Platina Line, and with the mission to prove that the initial idea always belonged to him.

Image: Anonymous

Image: Anonymous

At the time Sarchel Necesio was a student of Business Administration in Brazil, and with an initial investment of $500 he created the portal. Driven by the passion to serve and inform people, he developed most of the published content. Having only his bed and his computer as an office.

Sarchel Necesio has a huge consideration for Unitel, because the same institution was Platina Line’s first official partner, and since Unitel is the biggest telecom company in the country, closing partnerships with other various companies was way easier.  

Platina Line recently agreed on a partnership with Huawei Global, and as a result, very soon, the next smartphones by Huawei to enter into our market will come with the Platina Line’s app already installed.

Platina Line today has an annual average income of over 40 million kwanzas, which doesn’t only reflect the company’s success, but indicates that more surprises are yet to come.

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