15 Ways To Make Money Using Social Media


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Social media has become more than just a way we can use to connect with our friends and family, or meet new people. Social media became the main source of leads to different companies, allowing entrepreneurs from all over the world to make millions of dollars every day through the same platforms.

The good news is that everyone, including me and you, could also start making money while we are on social media, and here are 15 ways to help you achieve this goal.

1. Become a Social Media Manager

Consistency is a key element when we talk about keeping and building an audience in social media. Companies understand this principle and are looking for specific people who can handle their online presence for them on a consistent basis.

2. Provide online classes

Independently of your skills, you can search for your target customers on various social networks and promote your teaching services to them. You can teach them your skills through video-conferencing platforms and charge an amount per class or month.

3. Monetize your YouTube channel

Through the Youtube Partner Program, you will be able to place ads to your videos and generate revenue from them. The best thing is that your video will be totally free and opened to everybody who visits Youtube, allowing you to reach a greater audience and making money from it.

4. Teach people on how to use social media

 Social media platforms are different, so a different set of skills and requirements are applicable when we are dealing with each one of them. Even though learning how to manage different social media accounts can be something which happens very naturally for some of us, for others it is a completely different thing.

If you are good with social media, you probably receive a lot of questions from people about how things should be done in the platform, and this is a huge opportunity for you to train people how to use social media adequately.

5. Become a Social Selling Consultant

Instead of direct sales, companies are opting for what is called social selling. In social selling, consultants can make money as companies offer their representatives a replicated website for selling and sharing products or services online.

6.Social Media Auditor

You can help companies optimise everything about their online platforms. By studying their niche and customers, you will be able to understand how do they behave and the best ways to connect with them.

7. Advertise on social media

In case you have something for sale, you can use the different promoting or advertising tools available on social media and pitch your offer to a very target and broad audience, which can help you to generate greater revenues.

8. Sponsor products and services

This is a very great opportunity to make money on social media, especially if you have a considerable number of followers. This way, you do not only help companies reach to a potential group of customers but you also add value to your online commuting.

9. Use your writing skills

If you can write good content and have a passion for it, you can get hired to write articles or reviews to different companies in exchange of revenue, or you can also start writing your own e-book, and sell it on websites like Amazon.

10. Content editor

You can check for grammatical errors, the way sentences are structured, the language used, and every element which ensures that a specific message is conveyed in a precise, direct and clear manner. You can edit books, articles, reviews and so on. There are great opportunities out there.

11. Online Personal Trainer

If you love working out, you can turn this passion into a source of income too. Through different social media platforms, you can teach people how to lose weight, exercise properly and consequently improve their lifestyle. Later on you can charge an additional fee for more advanced assistance.

12. Sell your products

If there is anything you can manufacture or you just think there is a potential market for on social media, build an audience and start selling it to them. You can use social networks to publish pictures of your product and write some reviews about them.

13. Sell Rights To Your Photos

If you have a huge passion for photography and you can take amazing photographs, through websites like Shutterstock, you can publish your work to the whole world and have people pay you to download your photos.

14. Rent out your house

Airbnb is a website which gives users the ability to rent out their own houses or rooms for a specific period of time. So if you are travelling or you have an available room at your house, you can announce it in the platform and receive proposals from the first minutes.

15. Promote affiliate products

Use websites like ClickBank or Amazon and start sharing products to your audience, enabling you to make money from commissions every time anyone buys them.

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