Seedstars, An Organization Which is Slowly Changing Our Lives


Seedstars is a Swiss organization launched in 2013, which focus on impacting people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship. Since its launch, Seedstars has been expanding itself very rapidly, abridging more than 55 countries by now.

The organization has a variety of activities and strategies already implemented to support their main objective, but in this article our special attention goes to Seedstars World.

At, we believe that one of the greatest abilities every human being has, is the ability to adapt to the environment in which he finds himself in. For years investors have been focusing on the most established markets with very advanced levels of industrialisation, losing the opportunity to have an eye of the tremendous levels of innovation, people in emerging markets use to improve their daily lives.

When some people think of emerging markets, the wrong idea of low affluence, unskilled labour and scarcity of investment opportunities pops up. In reality, emerging markets are a symbol of development.

Emerging countries have high rates of social and economic growth, with a population which is constantly trying to find sustainable solutions to the problems related to their realities. That is exactly where Seedstars World kicks in.

Seedstars World is a start-up competition which promotes, connects and invests in projects from emerging markets. The main idea behind this initiative is to reduce unemployment and improve the lives of people by investing in entrepreneurship.

In our continent it is currently hosted in almost 20 countries, allowing Africans to expose their creativity and find solutions to improve the lives of people not only locally but at a global scale.

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