Finding the Perfect Mentor!

Independently of where you want to get in life, it is always easier when you are taken by someone who is already at your destination.

Some of us have huge dreams and aspirations shouting to be executed, but we have no idea of the tools we need to make them come true. They seem to be so far from our reality, so we indulge into thinking that there is no way they can become true. As the old proverb says “Nothing is ever new, when seen by old eyes.”

A mentor is someone with the ability of providing us with the most efficient tools and ways to overcome any difficulties we may find in the pursuit of our dreams. They are the shortcut, as they guide us through what is already working, reducing the number of mistakes we would make.

How can you find a mentor?

1. Know yourself

As strange as it may seem, the first steps into finding a mentor have nothing to do with seeking advice from a more experienced person. It all starts with you!
Mentors appreciate people who already have so momentum. If you want assistance from somebody, be willing to help yourself first. Be aware of what you really want, where you want to go, and have an idea of how your goals can be achieve.

2. Develop a mentor model

Use your imagination and create a model of the perfect mentor for you; his skills and attributes; his profession; and his qualities… To make it simpler, just think about who do you want to be like.

3. Build momentum

There are some important facts you should be aware of; one mentor is not enough, and you will not be able to connect with your dream mentor at the beginning.
If you are lucky enough then you can be able to receive mentorship already from the person you admire the most. Otherwise, start small and don’t be ashamed of being a beginner. If you want to be mentored by Bill Gates, start seeking for mentorship from the programmer just next door.

4. Mirror what you admire

Eighty percent of success is showing up.– Woody Allen

In order to find a mentor you need to be where they are and be interesting to them.

The best ways of being interesting to top performers of different fields is to be humble, disciplined, and show that you are not ignorant about their subject or your future.

5. Roll up your sleeves

We have been conditioned to develop the wrong mind-set which understands mentoring as something you get. Mentorship is something you work for.
You have to be ready to confront your beliefs and perspectives, change your plans and strategies, and give it all you have got in the achievement of your goals.

What is your dream mentor?
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