This is a series of articles that will help you to develop the passion for reading.

It was developed by our collaborators and it is constantly updated in order to make it more realistic, accurate and easier the follow.

The information in the articles below are all based on our own personal experiences, transmitted in a way to help you to develop the amazing habit of reading.

Years ago, some of us at Success Code were just like you who may be reading this now. We could not see the value of reading, neither we thought that one day we could be able to have a passion for it.

Today here we are. We are responsible for this blog and a book club.

If we could do it, anyone can do it. Including YOU, as long as you stay committed.

The speed at which you will complete this series, is of your own criteria. When you finish all of them, you can post a picture of your book on your Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtag #AnAchieverReads, to enable us to find you and share your image between our community.



1. The Power Of Reading

In this article you will understand why is reading important, and why it is primordial that you develop this habit.

You will see also the ideas of two of the richest men in the world about the subject.

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Advantages Of Those Who Read

We all know that reading is very important. Now let’s go through some of the main benefits of reading, which will give you an advantage over those who don’t read.

Boost your motivation towards this goal by knowing every skill you will be able to acquire.

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5 Steps To Develop The Habit Of Reading

We assume that by now you already know everything related to the importance of reading, you already know the advantages you will have if you develop this habit, so now it is time to know from really simple and practical steps how you can develop this passion.

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The Ideal Book For You

There are more than 130 million books in the world right now, and the choice of one can be overwhelming. Now that you know already what it takes to become an avid reader, we will help you to choose your first book to read.

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