Setup Your Own Blog In 5 Minutes!

In this article we will illustrate with practical steps how to create a blog.

Our main goal is to help those starting now without a lot of knowledge in the area, and still strive for excellence and professionalism.

We perfectly understand the difficulty in finding detailed information on the subject, but we will show you that it is something very simple, and you do not need any technical knowledge to create a professional blog.

You will learn how to develop a blog with a domain and a server, and all that for less than $4 per month. Just follow a few steps and in less than five minutes you can have your own blog online.

Advantages Of A Professional Blog

Custom URL – Example “”
Beautiful look – Enormous variety of themes and you will still have the possibility of customizing it.
Complete control of the blog – Access to all the administrative areas of the blog.
Faster loading of pages – because you can use multiple resources for this purpose.
Files and content backups – Backups of your blog on servers, to enable restoration.
Various monetization options – Make money from the first seconds you set your blog.

So why limit yourself and have an amateur blog, when you can have a professional one so fast and with so little?

Let’s do it…

1. Register Your Domain And Hosting.

Domain is the address of your blog. (
Hosting is the service that keeps and maintains your website on their servers, so that your readers have access to it anytime and anywhere.

There are several hosting services and so the choice of one can be a huge problem to a lot of people, but not to the faithful readers of Success Code.

For all members of the #TeamAchievers, and to celebrate with us our one year anniversary (May 15), the Success Code signed an exclusive partnership with nothing less than Hostgator – which is one of the most respected hosting services in the world.

This partnership will give you access to amazing deals, and you can have access to great benefits as a free installation of WordPress – the most powerful platform for blog publishing.

Why Hostgator:

And more:
1. It is easy to install and manage a blog using WordPress.
2. It has dozens of themes available.
3. It is highly versatile, allowing the use of any functionality through plugins.
4. Easy optimization for search engines, offering you greater visibility on Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.
5. Easy optimization for mobile devices.
6. A lot of information available, it is the most popular platform for blogs.

Click the link below and get ready to have your own blog in just 5 minutes.

Once you have clicked on the link, you will be redirected to this page.

Click “Get Started Now!”

Then, you need to select a plan. Select the “Hatchling Plan,” as it will be much more than enough.

After selecting a plan, you will be redirected to this page where you must choose the domain and your payment method. You can pay through credit card or and paypal.

Before finalizing the purchase, this area will appear for entering a promotional code “Coupon Code.” Using the promotional code – achiever25off, and additional discount of 25% will be added to your purchase.

Then you will receive the access data to your server by email. After that, just follow the steps below:

Access the cPanel of your hosting by address (replace by the address of your site) and log in with your information;

In cPanel, go to Software / Services box, and click the QuickInstall icon;

On the homepage of QuickInstall, select the system you want to install. The list, separated by area is available on the left side menu;

To install WordPress CMS selects from the options available in Software Blog. The moment you click on the option, the information on the system appear in the center of the page;

Click Continue;

On the next page, enter the directory in which to install the system.

Important: If you want it to be accessible from your main domain (, for example), leave the field after its domain. If you want to install in a subdirectory, enter the name after the bar (, for example);

Enter the fields below:
Admin Email: e-mail user;
Blog title: enter the name of your site and / or blog;
Admin User: username;
First Name: first name;
Last Name: surname.

Make sure the Enable Auto Upgrades option is enabled. If you do not want to perform automatic system updates, disable the option;

Click Install Now.

After installing the system, go to the WordPress (the login data is sent to the e-mail provided during installation) and start setting-up your blog.

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