Success Code
Programming you to great achievements.

The is the largest blog on entrepreneurship and personal development of the African continent. With a bilingual platform, Success Code has been breaking several communication barriers, and allowing multiple people to give voice to their projects and share their knowledge.

Our team is made of people which beyond their various skills, have an enormous empathy and love towards micro and small entrepreneurs. Not allowing that the work of those entrepreneurs gets devalued in any way, or passes by unnoticed.


The aims to fill the gap between credible information about the international market and the African market, and create a huge network of relationships between the continent’s entrepreneurs.


The aims to inform, educate, motivate, and inspire entrepreneurs with various contents, such as articles, quotes, news, interviews, case studies, and related fields.

We believe that being an entrepreneurs is way more than simply starting a business, but a lifestyle. Entrepreneurship allows anyone to turn every difficulty into an opportunity. Such an opportunity does not always involve monetary gains, too often the greatest victory is the satisfaction of seeing someone have their life transformed.


Success Code emerged from a huge passion for entrepreneurship, and the possibility of being able to share every learned lesson by its founders.

We started as a page on Instagram in November 2014, which was then deleted as we couldn’t meet the demands of the public. The page was again created in January 2015, where motivational quotes and book excerpts were shared. Later on Success Code expanded to Twitter, and on the 15th of May 2015 the blog was launched.

It was an adventure because we didn’t have any experience with similar platforms. Fortunately the blog was well received, and ever since it has become the main reference for any individual seeking not only to get motivated and learn more about business, but above all, to stay connected on the main events about African entrepreneurship.

Today, Success Code has an editorial made up of designers, editors, columnists, contributors and videographers, who keep the blog updated on a weekly basis.

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